Kingdom DNA

Many people say that the blueprint of life is found in the human DNA. That is where all things of our design are found such as: hair and eye color, body structure, skin, talents, length, speed, strength, personality, etc.

The DNA strains of humans are so complex that only God could have created something so magnificent. If one had the power to really transform people, it would happen at the DNA level. If you were able change the DNA, the person will change. We believe God wants to transform us back into our original image which is found in God (Genesis 1:27), becoming more and more like Him.

For God to really transform us we don’t want Him just to change our actions and behaviors but to go extremely deep and transform everything, starting with the DNA. He wants to remove our DNA and put His DNA in our lives which we call Kingdom DNA.

When this happens, we believe the world will be changed. Life can be supernaturally special in the hands of God and when He enters our very core and transforms us from the inside out through His Holy Spirit and living with a new DNA, called Kingdom DNA.

We want to help this process happen through leadership training and discipleship teams.
When we live transformed lives with God’s Kingdom DNA we will help establishing God’s kingdom culture on earth.

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